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Software Development Is More Than Coding

27 October 2015

“What language should I focus my efforts on?” It’s one of the most common questions I hear when talking to aspiring software developers. When the question is posed they are disappointed that most senior developers refuse to give them a clear answer. Basically, the language choice itself is relatively minor compared to all of the other things you need to focus on to grow as a software developer.

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2015 PyCon: Day 1

10 April 2015

I have been fortunate enough to attend four PyCon conferences. I find that it helps me to maximize my experience if I take notes and summarize them each day. Perhaps I will later roll this into a post that summarizes the entire conference.

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Goodbye, Red Wheels!

21 October 2014

While we were visiting A’s family in Dallas last week, we purchased a 2006 Honda Odyssey. Our family is outgrowing the quad-cab Tacoma, and my old 1995 Honda Civic is simply no longer practical. It only rides four, and A can’t drive it (it’s a stick-shift). Hence, it is with much sadness that I published it on Craigslist last night.

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CoderFaire 2014

21 September 2014

Huge kudos to Cal & Kathy Evans as well as Jacques Woodcock for organizing the third year of CoderFaire, a language-agnostic conference that pulls all kinds of regional talent out of the woodwork.

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The Rudeness Test

16 July 2014

At one of the recent user groups, I had an interesting conversation with Nick, a senior developer from San Francisco who is responsible for hiring a remote team here in Nashville.

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