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CoderFaire 2014

21 September 2014

Huge kudos to Cal & Kathy Evans as well as Jacques Woodcock for organizing the third year of CoderFaire, a language-agnostic conference that pulls all kinds of regional talent out of the woodwork.

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The Rudeness Test

16 July 2014

At one of the recent user groups, I had an interesting conversation with Nick, a senior developer from San Francisco who is responsible for hiring a remote team here in Nashville.

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Nashville Open Data Initiative

14 May 2014

On May 12, 2014 Nashville’s Mayor Karl Dean signed Executive Order #43. Thanks to the sartorially gifted Jacques Woodcock I was able to attend the event in order to help answer questions from the media about how this is a Good Thing.

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Interactive Developers Nashville: Command Line Kung Fu

19 March 2014

Last night I presented “Command Line Kung Fu” to the Interactive Developers of Nashville group in Brentwood. I enjoyed the discussion around the Unix philosophy of modularity and how the various tools complement one another to do powerful things.

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On Award Ceremonies

04 February 2014

In business, there are a lot of awards. There are a lot of organizations that spend time “recognizing” business leaders for their various accomplishments. One assumes are great for company publicity, I suppose, but how effective are they?

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