Hi! My name is Brian and I am a web developer working in Nashville. Find out more?

Text Scaling Dell XPS 13 9350 and Ubuntu Gnome

15 August 2016

I recently bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 and installed Ubuntu Gnome 16.04. I bought the version with the FHD (1920x1080) screen resolution. While that’s not exactly HiDPI, the text is rather small with the default installation.

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Commuter Cycling in East Nashville

10 February 2016

I want to talk about cycling for a moment. I live in East Nashville and I work downtown. The neighborhood’s proximity to downtown is ideal for a daily bicycle commute. My ride is approximately five miles, which can be accomplished in less than half an hour. In spite of the nice bike lanes on my side of town, the interstate creates a barrier that discourages commuters from cycling. Herein I attempt to explain why.

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Beyond The Code: PyTennessee 2016 Keynote

07 February 2016

I was invited to give the closing keynote at PyTennessee 2016. Jason Myers, Denise Myers, Will Golden, and the crew of volunteers continue to do an amazing job putting on this conference. I’m grateful for all the work that Jason, in particular, puts into this conference. I got front-row seats during his work on the first conference, so I got to see how much work is involved in making a regional conference happen. It’s a herculean effort.

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Care and Feeding of Your Brain

28 January 2016

The number of ways to grow as a software developer is equal to the number of developers. One commonality is that the learning never stops. We will always have new languages, libraries: abstractions on top of abstractions on top of abstractions.

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Software Development Is More Than Coding

27 October 2015

“What language should I focus my efforts on?” It’s one of the most common questions I hear when talking to aspiring software developers. When the question is posed they are disappointed that most senior developers refuse to give them a clear answer. Basically, the language choice itself is relatively minor compared to all of the other things you need to focus on to grow as a software developer.

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