10 December 2009

My consulting firm, Realm3 LLC, served as a Development Partner with Crispin, Porter + Bogusky to develop a Facebook integrated version of the popular Secret Santa game for Best Buy.

Ad Age wrote about retailers embracing social media to reach their target audiences, and included the application as a demonstration of a retailer “getting it right.”

Screenshot of Best Buy application.

The retailer also has a robust Facebook presence, featuring several exclusive applications such as Hint Helper, Secret Santa, Idea Giftr and, coming soon, Christmas Morning Simulator. The Hint Helper will drop personalized hints to friends and family via a cookie placed on their computers. While Best Buy’s application section is robust, it could do a better job of leading the conversation on Facebook, as opposed to simply responding to customer complaints. Still, when it comes to customer interaction, Best Buy has it down on Twitter. Its handles @bestbuy and @twelpforce, not to mention CMO Barry Judge’s own handle, @bestbuycmo, all do a stellar job.

CPB did a great job designing this application, and I’m glad I could be a part of it’s development.

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