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Adjusting the HHKB HASU (mod) Controller Layout

22 September 2021

I recently acquired an HHKB Professional 2 with the HASU bluetooth controller mod. I did not find documentation for remapping the keys using tmk or qmk in one place, but I did cobble the information together and figured I would write it up here. It’s more for my own reference than anything else, but perhaps it will be useful to someone else!

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Remapping Caps Lock in Multiple Operating Systems

09 September 2021

My colleague Barry Archer recently sold me an HHKB (“Happy Hacking Keyboard”). It’s a little different than most other keyboards I’ve used (and I’m a fan of either 60% of 75% layouts). For example, the Backspace key is below the number row, and the backslash key is in the number row. I found I was able to adjust to this and back to the “Normal” positioning fairly quickly after some practice. For example, if I needed to use my laptop keyboard for a while, readjusting my fingers only took one or two mistakes. The brain’s plasticity never ceases to surprise me.

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Ten Years at Stratasan: A Retro

26 April 2021

In May of 2021, it will be ten years since we started Stratasan. Even though the Stratasan adventure is far from over, it seems as good a time as any to write up a retrospective.

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Cultivating a Culture of Partnership

19 November 2019

This is cross-posted at the Stratasan blog.

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Commuting via eBike, 90 Days In

14 September 2018

Back in June I bought a Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit (Ranger, 36v motor). I mounted the kit on my Jamis Sport hybrid bicycle. It’s now September, about 90 days after I started using it, and I thought I would summarize the experience.

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