I have served as the technical point person or technical lead on a fair number of projects through the years. My language of choice has always been a shifting one - from Java to PHP to Ruby to Python. I generally spend most of my time on the back end, with an eye towards building familiarity with whatever tool might best fit the job at hand.

You can, of course, find some of my work on GitHub.

A few highlights along the way...


I built the first iteration of a health-care market research platform that eventually became Stratasan’s flagship product. I served as CTO, growing the applications features and adopting new technologies (such as Amazon Redshift) as well as building out product, engineering, and data analyst teams.


While freelancing in New York under the business name Realm3, I was able to fair number of very interesting projects. In nearly all projects, I was the sole technical lead (and often the only technical person on the project at all).

I worked with the advertising agency Ultra16 to build a social engagement platform for Miss Universe fans. I also built out an engagement platform for an online reality show put together by MTV for graphic designers, “The Engine Room.”

For the ad agency Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky, I built out a Facebook application for Best Buy that allowed users to create Secret Santa games. The site rolled out during a national advertising campaign and was generally well-received by social media.

Other projects included a tracking system for environmental compliance at pharmaceutical companies, and a platform that performed financial analysis and comparisons for 529 Plans.


Built a vendor referral system for durable medical equipment companies from the ground up. The system not only connected vendors with physicians, but it also facilitated the process of confirming that purchases were Medicare approved. While at the same company, I helped build a Java-based front end for a Medicare-rules system that allowed users to ask natural-language questions about Medicare (for example, “How much must a patient weigh to qualify for a heavy duty wheel chair?”). The engine driving the knowledge based was a technology licensed from Oak Ridge National Laboratories.


While consulting under the business name Daitech I built several PHP-based applications. One of which was a PHP-based tracking system for appraisal companies that is still in use.


Added new features and maintained a Java-based EMR system for dermatopathology labs as well as a similar EMR for general practices. At the time, EMR systems were still in infancy, but the project is still (as far as I know) in active use.


I cut my teeth on HTML, CSS, and Javascript by starting a website for home- schoolers. I moderated a bulletin board that culminated in many friendships and a few marriages (including my own!).

As I continue to work in the industry, I’m always looking forward to new projects to make lives better. If you think you’ve got a project that I might be interested in, hit me up! My contact information is on the about page.