21 September 2014

Huge kudos to Cal & Kathy Evans as well as Jacques Woodcock for organizing the third year of CoderFaire, a language-agnostic conference that pulls all kinds of regional talent out of the woodwork.

I particularly enjoyed Jason Myers’s talk: Umm… so Yeah… Net Neutrality: Do You Know How this Internet Thing Works?. I’m not sure what I expected when I walked in the room, but it didn’t exactly go the direction I was expecting. Not having a background in networking, it was a crash course in how the backbone of the internet works. I entered an ignorant rube, and left a slightly less ignorant rube.

I also enjoyed the impromptu panel discussion of 12 Factor Apps between Paul Jones and Jacques Woodcock. We only got through the first six factors before running out of time, but it was interesting hearing the audience cover different implementations across various programming stacks.

Each break between talks was 20 minutes long. When looking at the calendar, that seemed like a long time, but in reality it worked out quite well. It gave enough time for the attendees to talk, drink some coffee, and mill for a bit before having to find seats for the next talk. I’m not sure that was intentional or not, but it was a nice touch.

Coderfaire 2014
Credit: Jason Myers

I was happy to give a short talk on mapping geospatial data for the web. I gave a similar talk at Barcamp two years ago, and the tools available have changed significantly since then.

Here are the resources from my talk on mapping geosptial data on the web.

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