25 April 2009

The objective of this presentation was to gently introduce GUI users to shell usage, and hopefully to teach some new tricks to seasoned developers.

I mentioned DotFiles.org as a place to get familiar with more advanced configuration. Also check out Command Line Fu.

I highly recommend participating in your local (insert programming preference here) user group. It's a great opportunity to learn new things or perhaps share things you've learned with others.

The presentation was filmed and then edited by my good friend (and excellent photographer) James Allen Walker. James is also working on a project for WORLD magazine called World On The Road.

Video - Part 1

Video - Part 2

Video by James Allen Walker.


My dot files are available here:

Here is a copy of the NYPHP blurb:

It's March. Not much happens in March. Except, of course, for the March General Meeting, where we're pleased to have karate kid Brian Dailey show us how to slice through the original IDE - the command line. Even if you're an avid GUI user, these techniques are always useful - and great at impressing your friends - so join Brian and step up to get your own black belt.

The command line environment can be a powerful tool in a developer's toolkit. Learning to use it well can make you a more productive and more versatile developer.

This presentation is an introduction to the use of the shell as a development environment. The talk will go over the basics of shell navigation, including shortcuts that even seasoned CLI users may find useful.

The presentation will also briefly cover some of the most useful tools available to PHP developers: GNU screen for your multitasking needs, using vim as and IDE, and automated deployment with Phing.


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